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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

14 episodes

In the series “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World” it will be told about a complete and vindictive selfish Kevin Finn. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Kevin decides to return home to live with his sister and niece for a while. But on the very first night Saint Yvette descends to him from heaven and sets a task to save the world. Will a not very religious young man be able to fulfill his mission? To do this, he will have to change himself and his behavior. (more…)


Nashville (season 6)

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7 episodes

Nashville is the place where the whole country music industry is concentrated. The main character of the television series “Nashville”, Raina James – the famous country star, selling millions of albums and heading the top of the charts, which in her 40 began to lose fame. Producers offer her to go on tour with a rising star, but not-talented Juliet Barnes. All this takes place against the backdrop of the pre-election race in which Raina’s powerful father, Lamar Hampton, who once forced her to marry his protege Teddy Conrad, who currently resides with Raina’s money, will take part.


Scandal (season 7)

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11 episodes

The focus of the plot of the series “Scandal” is the team of Olivia Pope. This woman is considered one of the best in her business. She investigates and protects people before the trial. The main task of Olivia is to prove that her client is right. Often, she gets real scoundrels who are willing to pay a lot of money, but Olivia takes matters when she is completely sure of the honesty of those who turn to her for help. In her team are real professionals and craftsmen and work from morning till night. The heroine once worked for the president, but was forced to leave her place because of personal disagreements with the head of state. Unexpectedly emerges information about the president’s betrayal of his wife, which could adversely affect the prestige of the head of state. Olivia takes this case, knowing that she has a personal claim in it. (more…)

How to Get Away with Murder

12 episodes

In the center of the plot of the series “How to Get Away with Murder” is a successful lawyer who additionally teaches at the Law University the non-standard discipline “How to avoid punishment for murder”, which is devoted to the practical study of jurisprudence. She annually selects four students for future joint work. The best of them will get a reward from the professor and an opportunity to work in one of the best law offices in the city. But her students decide in practice to apply the acquired knowledge. (more…)


Grey’s Anatomy (season 14)

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Grey's Anatomy

12 episodes

In the center of the whole story of the series “Grey’s Anatomy” is the life and practice of young doctors, experienced doctors and other personnel of Seattle Grace Hospital. And also the development of the romantic relationship of Grey and Dr. Derek Shepard. But personal life should not interfere with the construction of a career. So first of all intern Grey will become a real surgeon, just like her mother. The hospital is a place where you can meet grief and joy, and perseverance in the struggle for lives of different people. And doctors understand that they do their work not only for the sake of the patient himself, but also for the sake of relatives, friends who are outside of the operating room. (more…)


The Middle (season 9)

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14 episodes

The plot of the series “The Middle” is based on the story of a simple American family belonging to the so-called middle class. Hacks almost do not differ from the average American family, although their financial well-being leaves much to be desired. Parents, Mike and Frankie are trying to ensure a decent future for their three children. But at the same time, all members of the family constantly fall into ridiculous and comical situations. This series is about unrealistic expectations and insane ideas, about everyday failures and tiny joys of the wife and mother of three unusual kids. (more…)


Fresh Off the Boat (season 4)

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Fresh Off the Boat

16 episodes

Problems in the field of cultural adaptation are common among people who are forced to live outside their own national traditions. In the series “Fresh Off the Boat” with such difficulties face the main characters of the Asian-American family of Taiwanese origin. America 90-ies of the twentieth century, and if for the father of the family Luis live in the States – the implementation of the cherished dream, then for his wife – this is worse than hell. The family moved from Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida, and opened a small diner there. The difficulty lies in the fact that there are no Asian districts in the city, therefore, the main business connections and a contingent of customers are Americans. (more…)


Black-ish (season 4)

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13 episodes

A comedy project “Black-ish ” is based on the relationship between parents and children. Andre Johnson is one of the chairmen of the corporation committee. His life – the embodiment of the “American Dream” – a brilliant work, four beautiful children, a chic mansion is a sample of the original style in a prestigious residential area. He is a wonderful father who tries to cultivate a sense of cultural identity in his children, but there is one obstacle – the main character’s spouse, a typical liberal woman and children listen more to her opinion than the father’s opinion. The desire of Andre to adhere to the established norms and traditions, constantly encounters strong resistance from relatives. And at some point, Andre begins to realize that something is going wrong in his life. Family conflicts create a lot of comedy situations. (more…)


The Good Doctor (season 1)

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14 episodes

The series “The Good Doctor” tell about the life and work of one young man who has become a doctor at his own will and aspiration. The main character understands that he is capable to save lives of other people. He he himself could use some help. The character suffers from Savant syndrome and besides, constantly feels discomfort because of a persecution mania. However, it doesn’t prevent him to be the magnificent doctor. He has surprising memory and improbable sensitivity in relation to the patients. The main character is capable to perform operation so accurately and surely that nobody will have any doubts that the patient will surely survive.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season 5)

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10 episodes

Before you there is the fifth season of the American science fiction series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” with the participation of various heroes of comics Marvel. This season promises interesting clashes of one of the most organized groups in the fight against crime with representatives of the criminal world. The main characters are real professionals. Each of them performs a certain task. At the head of the department is Phil Colson, an experienced and confident man. With him there are real masters in various fields of knowledge and skills. So, the team has a pilot, May, who fights superbly, as well as agent Ward, capable of proving clever spy affairs. The team also once joined the engineer Fitz for a long time, as well as the biochemist Simmons and the hacker from the god Sky. This team continues its activities around the world, which will surely bear fruit and provide security for ordinary people who dream of peace throughout the world.