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The Walking Dead (season 8)

12,911 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

 the continuation of the popular American zombie apocalypse, created in 2010. People fight, survive, escape from the living dead, fight with them, scream in earnest, when a particularly nimble piece of rotting flesh grabs them by the leg. They also loot, picking up in abandoned houses and shops everything that can be useful in a world where there is no electricity, running water and you can not call the police to complain about zombie party members under the window. But the main thing is that people get to know themselves better, comrades in misfortune and in general the nature of man. In extreme conditions, they show their best and worst qualities, whether it be boundless self-sacrifice or transcendent meanness.


Fear the Walking Dead (season 3)

11,187 views Comments (12)


16 episodes

Events of “Fear the Walking Dead” will take place in the great Los Angeles a city where there is a lot of sun. The main character in this scary story will play a school teacher named Sean Carbury, and the leader of the women’s group Nancy Tompkins, who has two grown children. Nick is using drugs and can not indulge in their use, and Ashley is depressed, as she wants very much. But the most terrible is not it, but… How can you stay normal in such a zombie society? Cretors have concentrated special attention on the relations between parents and their children, and also on many questions which are important for the younger generation. (more…)


Halt and Catch Fire (season 4)

5,806 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The plot “Halt and Catch Fire” develops in the last century, when computer technologies were just emerging, and no one could think what role they would take in our lives. In the series, three dramas are thinly intertwined – human, family, and commercial, connected with computer technologies. As you can guess, in this triangle dominates the commercial line, which throughout the story absorbs the characters, leaving no time for the family or for themselves. Everything is woven with script writers so neat and elegant, the problems and experiences of the characters look like real and not a bit invented.


Preacher (season 2)

8,284 views Comments (12)


13 episodes

We are talking about a former preacher from Texas, who decided to find God in the literal sense. Why is the former?
Yes, because he lost faith and gained alcohol dependence. And the best friend he has – Cassidy, the Irish vampire is also an alcoholic. Custer was accidentally installed by the supernatural creature – so called Genesis. This is demon and angel in one soul. The series “Preacher” is full of all the necessary attributes – the plot, the  atmosphere, the intrigue – everything is colorful and the actors, mysticism and the supernatural.



Turn (season 4)

8,072 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Even a plain man can change a lot. This story tells about heroes and prays of the American Revolutionary War.
Once upon a time a plain farmer with the name Abraham Woodhull called friends of his childhood to form a special crew. Then the group of spies with an unusual name Culper Ring appeared. Especially this crew gave a helping hand to many people during this war.
The pilot episode of the series took place in October 1776. Everyone should know that the shape of the main character isn’t completely fictional. Abraham Woodhull shows real people, which had lived in 1776 and participated in this great and huge war.


Better Call Saul (season 3)

8,654 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

“Better call Saul” – the quote from one TV advertising offering services of the lawyer by the name of Saul Goodman. who is famous to us according to another famous series. His activity goes on the verge of the law, and sometimes even crosses it. He is not from those lawyers who manage justice. He is a real hero and the patron of all swindlers, thieves, bandits, drug dealers. With his help, anyone can escape punishment even the heaviest sins. Of course, they are ready to count for it good percent. Saul is the real master of transformation has a lot of the fake witnesses, various useful communications, gaps in the law and proofs the innocence of the ward. The series will show us the period of his life when he begins to make attempts to organize his own office in Albuquerque which is in the State of New Mexico. (more…)


The Son (season 1)

3,470 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The historical epic “The Son” of the formation of America, told through the prism of the rise and fall of an oil Empire. Texas has always been different from other States. Proud, self-willed edge does not forgive people’s weaknesses. To win, you must have a seasoned character, a keen eye, a steady hand and the ability to take the most difficult, strong-willed decisions in spite of any persuasion. Many people have attempted to subjugate Texas, however, to have one desire is not enough. You either accept the harsh rules of the game, or lose with the devastating account. And you are lucky if you are alive. (more…)


Into the Badlands (season 2)

6,088 views Comments (10)


10 episodes

The main characters of the film are best friends who want, at whatever cost, to know all the details of the martial art. The adventures of two characters will be intense and full of pleasant moments, a variety of troubles. Young people understand that the way this is not a simple art form will have much to stand on. Not everyone shares the desire of the boys to learn to be wiser; there are those who tries to hurt them. Аttackers will come up with different tricks. But Sonny and his best buddy believe in a bright future, they are confident that they can withstand all evil intentions. To do this is to keep patience and balance. (more…)


The Walking Dead (season 7)

26,417 views Comments (42)


16 episodes

Rick Grimes spent few months in the coma, as a result of taking a gunshot while doing his sheriff deputy task on his duty. After waking up, he saw the apocalyptic world overwhelmed by a zombie pandemic. Coming back to his house, Rick discovers his family disappeared. Later he found other lucky survivors: strong man Morgan together with his teen-aged son. Morgan briefly described him details about the new world. At this point he moved to Atlanta, attempting to meet his lost family. On coming, he barely gets to pass away from zombies hands, supported by his new friend Glenn, they moved to the encampment near the city. In the encampment Rick discovers his lost family: his beloved wife Lori and young son named Carl. Alongside them he meets Shane, his closest buddy and police partner, together with a tiny group of survivors they were struggling to stop massive undead swarms. Additionally, they were contending with some other hostile bands, which are set up to do everything for surviving in harsh, unforgiving and dangerous new world. (more…)


Halt and Catch Fire (season 3)

3,277 views Comments (6)


10 episodes

If there is any good idea, for example a creation of the portable computer, the competent team for its embodiment is necessary. And everything  began after IBM corporation launched their new personal computer in production. Their former employee recruit a new team and sees huge opportunities in this direction. However each member his teams has own purposes in this cooperation and collision of interests and contention begins..