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American Crime Story (season 2)

4,832 views Comments (0)

American Crime Story

5 episodes

Before you there is the second season of the TV series “American Crime Story”. This time the audience will go to the past to understand the details of another crime. The focus of the plot is a case involving the death of several hundred people. The script is dedicated to Hurricane Katrina, who went down in history. The project is carried out by the same people who developed the first season. John Travolta himself, who played in the first season, returned to his duties. He said that the second season will not be the last, and the scenarios are being prepared now for new investigations of crimes.


Baskets (season 3)

2,302 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

Chip Baskets is the protagonist of the comedy TV series “Baskets”, which will tell about the life of a person who dreams of becoming the best clown. To do this, he leaves his native state, and tries to enter the Paris school of clown skill, but fails the exams. He has to work on rodeo. But he did not give up his dream. He believes that it will ever come true. Of course, to make it happen, we need some sacrifices, he’s a young man who agrees with them. The main thing is to believe that fate will smile on you, and you’ll be lucky. And will the luck of our hero smile? Will he manage to fulfill his dream?


Better Things (season 2)

4,047 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The plot of the series “Better Things” will tell about a single mother, who brings up three children. Time is sorely lacking. Our heroine works as not too demanded and not the most popular actress with a small salary. However, she is not discouraged. She is able to feed and grow alone three wonderful daughters. And the way she copes with life’s troubles will not leave anyone indifferent and will make you laugh.


American Horror Story (season 7)

7,666 views Comments (2)


11 episodes

Spouse Harmon – Ben and Vivien are on the verge of divorce in the series “American Horror Story “, because their relations has come a difficult stage. Ben has changed his wife with a student. Somehow to try to keep their family, the couple with the child moves to live to an old house in Los Angeles. But soon they understand that they are not alone here and share the dwelling with ghosts. Those feel all fears of the family, and use it. The series are sated by a large number of strange characters with various whims: the housemaid who seems as an elderly woman for Vivien, and an attractive girl for Ben, who tries to tempt him, the maniac patient, the teenage boy Tate.


The Strain (season 4)

9,661 views Comments (6)


10 episodes

“The Strain” — strong and powerful post-apocalyptic story which not one season pleases the viewer. Vampires in series are thought really very well not only in respect of appearance, but even in the plan anatomic. They are very ugly and terrible. “ The Strain” — series with high potential. The beginning of story has intrigued the audience already at once — a lot of dead passengers of just landed Boeing. Further the subject line in series lasts very slowly and it is even very good as all spread of a virus is shown to us gradually. The series narrate us about spread of a virus — vampirism which existed since ancient times, however with development of technologies it became easier to extend it. (more…)


Snowfall (season 1)

4,536 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

These series “Snowfall” tell about the beginning of the 1980th. At this time there began a real cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles and in streets of America appeared cheap crack from Dominican Republic, and the country overflowed uncontrollable rise in crime. Events are seen by eyes of three main characters: the street dealer Jerome, the gangster Gustavo and Leon, the guy from decent family. This fever of cocaine ruined almost the whole generation. At the same time, the United States begin a large-scale operation to neutralize the drug dens.


Fargo (season 3)

8,006 views Comments (4)


10 episodes

Fascinating criminal events of the 3rd season of the well-known series “Fargo” are developed in a small quiet town Sioux Falls. In the center of events are brothers Emmitt and Ray Stassi. They are twins, but very different. The first has achieved success and owns parkings in Minessota, he shakes hands with the most status people. The second – the simple police officer forced to live in a shadow of his brother and hates him. In turn, Emmitt had children’s offenses because of events of 20-year when it was necessary to divide fatherly inheritance. Against the background of such opposition the crime which is accompanied unmotivated, strange, sometimes frankly silly acts of envious people becomes ripe. What secrets they hide? Whether will be able to stop? Or life of each of them will be destroyed? Answers to these questions come off gradually that only strengthens an intrigue. (more…)


The Americans (season 5)

18,701 views Comments (13)


13 episodes

In the 80th years between the USSR and the USA there was a Cold War. Agents of KGB Elisabeth and Philip have been forced to locate in the USA and many years to live under cover there. In appearance, it is a usual American family — the husband with the wife and two children, and actually enemies of the USA. In the series “The Americans” it is shown that Russian agents were very hard for their service, they were in constant tension under the fear of exposure, especially Elizabeth. Also, here is a great love to the children, fear for their destiny is quite clearly. Children don’t know — who actually their parents are. It would be better that they remained in ignorance also further. (more…)


Archer (season 8)

5,833 views Comments (0)


8 episodes


This animated cartoon”Archer” looks on one breath and at all the eighth season doesn’t bother. The humour remained on former, very and very high level. Drawing still pleases with the quality and style. It is worth to play tribute to screenwriters of these series: to remove the eighth season as the first, changing both surroundings, and structure again, and even a temporary era is cool. In terms of the structure of the narrative there is before us a whole story-line. Here each subsequent series directly continues the ending of the previous ones. (more…)


Feud (season 2)

304 views Comments (0)


Tells the story of the legendary rivalry between Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) during their collaboration on the Academy Award?®-nominated thriller What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and after the cameras stopped rolling. The series explores how the two women endured ageism and misogyny while struggling to hang on to success and fame in the twilight of their careers.