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Altered Carbon (season 1)

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Altered Carbon

10 episodes

The series “Altered Carbon” is based on the roman by Richard Morgan, came out in 2002 and is considered a classic of the cyberpunk genre. The action takes place in the 26th century for 500 years in the future and talks about a world in which we learned to load the personality of a person from one body to another. This practically changed the very understanding of the word “death”. The protagonist is the former commander Takeshi Kovacs, who is hired by an immortal oligarch to investigate the death of one of his carrier bodies.


One Day at a Time (season 2)

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One Day at a Time

13 episodes

The plot of the series “One Day at a Time” revolves around three generations of the Cuban-American family. They live by their own rules and traditions. The head of the family is Penelope, a divorced military veteran who brings up two children: a 14-year-old daughter, Elena and a 12-year-old son Alex. Penelope’s mother Lydia helps her with children and household chores. All of them live in the same house. Who would have thought that there could be so many amazing and amusing events inside one house!


Grace and Frankie (season 4)

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Grace and Frankie

13 episodes

The comedy series “Grace and Frankie” tells about two families who have long been friends. But at some point the wives will learn that their husbands are in fact not in love with them … But each other. Absolute collapse of everything they believed and thought. And after all, these are not young emotional people, and not a midlife crisis, but all the characters are already in years. They are married for decades, they have adult children. In addition, the main characters are complete opposites! One is such a free hippie who loves esoteric, yoga, wears colored mantles and is engaged in creativity. The second is a strict adherent of traditions, classics, proprieties, “what-think-people”. (more…)


Black Mirror (season 4)

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Black Mirror

6 episodes

The fourth season of the British fiction series “Black Mirror” still presents separate stories unrelated to each other with different characters, narrating about the modern life of society, which has become a hostage of modern technology. The series will tell how over the last decade, technology has changed the lives of every person from all sides. The series will show the experience and concern for the modern world. (more…)


The Indian Detective (season 1)

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4 episodes

The main character of the comedy series “The Indian Detective”- Doug. He lives and works in Canada as a policeman. When he visits his father in Mumbai, he involuntarily finds himself involved in one murder case. He learns that the drug smuggler Gopal Chandekar is connected with this. Doug, subjecting himself to danger, tries to enter the inner circle of Gopal. Now Dag’s task is to put the main bandit behind bars.


The Crown (season 2)

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The Crown

10 episodes

The events of the second season of the series “The Crown” unfold in the UK in 1956. At this time in Europe, a crisis was arising, associated with the nationalization of the Suez Canal. Elizabeth herself has great changes not only in public life, but also in personal life. In 1960, she gave birth to her second son, in 1964 the third. But in 1963 a great scandal broke out, when the queen had to dismiss the prime minister and almost the entire government.


Godless (season 1)

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7 episodes

This is a western, which takes place in the miners’ town of New Mexico in the 1800s. The hero of the series “Godless” Frank Griffin, is one of the coolest robbers of the Wild West. He kills and loots people, that’s his life. Traveling around the country, the hero is content with his ill-fated glory, which marches ahead of himself. It is worthwhile for one of the residents to see the approaching robber, the city embraces panic. People lock themselves in their homes and pray to all the gods, in the hope that Frank will pass the city, because everyone knew – he is capable not only of robbery.


The Punisher (season 1)

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The Punisher

13 episodes

Frank Castle is a simple young man who lived a quiet life with his family. However, misfortune changed him, turned life upside down. In one of the street skirmishes of New York gangs, ordinary civilians suffered. Among them were the parents of the protagonist. They died, so Frank promised himself that he would avenge all the bandits of this city. The main character grew, gained strength and prepared for revenge. Soon the long-awaited hunt for the city’s criminals begins. These people have long crossed the line of law, but will the law like Frank overtake them? He no longer cares what the police think about him. He made a decision and is ready to become a real “Punisher” who will punish the representatives of the criminal world. However, will it be easier for him after numerous murders?


Longmire (season 6)

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10 episodes

Before you, the protagonist of the series “Longmire” – Walt Longmire – a man who took responsibility for security in a small provincial town. His area of responsibility is the so-called “staff of equality”, which has always been famous for its methods of working with the people in terms of ensuring the operation of laws and regulations. This person is engaged in investigations and tries to disclose the cases as soon as possible in order to provide local people with a quiet life. Longmire appears before the audience as a calm, balanced person who always knows what he is doing. It may seem that the main character looks indifferent, but this is far from the case. In addition, his young girl named Vic inspires and motivates his work, who became Walter’s first deputy. The main character has already shown herself at work in the police department in Philadelphia, and now she has to monitor security in one of the most law-abiding states of America. (more…)


Stranger Things (season 3)

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Coming Soon episodes

The plot of the American mystical series “Stranger Things” unfolds in a provincial town in the north-eastern part of the United States. This town became the center of mysterious events, which were the result of the once held secret experiments here. After the sudden disappearance of a 12-year-old boy, the residents of the city learned that people with unbelievable abilities live in the neighborhood with them and not all of them are friendly.