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High Maintenance (season 2)

974 views Comments (0)

High Maintenance

5 episodes

The series “High Maintenance” tells about the nameless courier of marijuana, nicknamed “guy.” He is an optimist for life and a friendly person, so people often choose him as their interlocutor. Many of his clients are lonely and fail. Clients like to confess to him and talk about how they all came to this life. Each episode reveals the life of new characters, their fate and why they are addicted to drugs.


Here and Now (season 1)

3,479 views Comments (0)

Here and Now

1 episodes

The series “Here and Now” narrates about the life of one family. Its head is Professor Greg Bishop, who specializes in philosophy. The wife of the main character works as a lawyer. Her name is Audrey. The couple brings up a child and three adopted children. One is a Vietnamese. The second is the Somali, the third from Colombia. It seems that happiness and equality reign in the family, however, if you look closely, you can see how often both adults and children are unhappy. In addition, oil is poured into the fire by strange events: one of the children begins to see what others can not.


Divorce (season 2)

2,080 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The plot of the series “Divorce” tells of a married couple who unexpectedly decided to divorce everyone. They have long been married, they have two children, a big house and their favorite work. Francis has a lover for a long time. Her lonely girlfriends Diane and Dallas are advised to file for divorce. Ultimately, she gives in to persuasion and draws up papers for divorce. Consultations of lawyers, sexopathologists, psychologists and other specialists are followed. The main character begins to hesitate whether she should leave her husband, because in her time she was with him well.


Crashing (season 2)

1,868 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

A standup-comic Pete in the series “Crashing” could be called a happy man. He was satisfied with his life and nothing cardinally he was not going to change it. However, this was only until the moment when he found his own wife in the arms of another man. Pete decided to start from scratch in the very noisy city of New York, where he wants to experience the loss and become happy again. His best friends will help him in this.


Mosaic (season 1)

620 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

In the center of the plot of the series “Mosaic” is famous author and illustrator of children’s literature Olivia Lake, as well as two men who will soon play an important role in her life. This is the story of a mysterious murder, presented to the world in the format of a mobile application in which users could choose from the position of which of the heroes to continue to follow the development of the plot. Deeper immersing in the investigation helps with correspondence, voice messages, screenshots of articles from the Internet, police reports.


Umbre (season 2)

615 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

The series “Umbre” will tell about a man who thinks that his double life will always go on and never anybody will disclose his secrets. But, as it always happens in life, any lie sooner or later comes out. And to live with this becomes unbearable. The main character is an exemplary family man, and an inveterate villain. For many years he combined service with a gangster and life with his wife and two children until the murder occurred, and the events can not be stopped. How will our hero cope with this situation?


Vice Principals (season 2)

2,837 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

The series “Vice Principals” is a black comedy, saturated with sarcasm. The main characters are hysterical heads of secondary schools who, ironically, are responsible for the discipline and curriculum. Neil Gambi, who is constantly trying to assert himself at the expense of others and dressing foppishly, Lee Russell, who prefers to play undercover games and steal surreptitiously, rather than demonstrate brute force. After the director retires, the head teachers start an epic struggle for the throne. And what is their disappointment when the director appoints a completely foreign, unfamiliar person.


The Deuce (season 1)

4,419 views Comments (0)

The Deuce

8 episodes

The story of the series “The Deuce” is based on real events occurring in New York in the 70s. And it talks about the birth and development of the porn industry on the streets of the city, the HIV epidemic, drugs and violence in sex. This is a real story about people who started this business and turned it into a huge industry. Porn has developed into a whole culture that can influence all spheres of life. They developed communities of gays, lesbians and trenssexuals in New York. (more…)


Room 104 (season 1)

7,663 views Comments (12)


12 episodes

Young brothers Mark and Jeff Duplass have gone a long way to popularity and present situation. These series “Room 104” have got a huge response among the audience who liked an unusual plot. Not without a reason, the known, American film company, has concluded the contract on continuation of shootings of new episodes. According to the scenario, the viewer is given an opportunity, own eyes to trace stories of various people. The room 104, has told a set of many human destinies. Wealthy clients stayed here. Or the ruined losers had the room for one night. In these walls there were amusing and tragic cases, but there were moments when it was necessary to worry that, terrible and awful, forever left a bloody print in these walls.


Ballers (season 3)

7,715 views Comments (10)


10 episodes

The project is devoted to a backstage of NFL — the main league of the American soccer, to what we don’t even imagine. The main characters of series are ordinary people with normal problems, normal thoughts, normal sincere and physical wounds. People who also fall in love, make mistakes, are on friendly terms, are reconciled, swear. “Ballers” are rather easy, bright, interesting and rather deep series. And it is very interesting to watch the events on the screen. Expensive cars, beautiful palm trees and beaches — all this gives to the series some charm.