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Counterpart (season 1)

2,349 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

This is a very interesting story about Howard Silke in the TV series “Counterpart”. This person works in an agency that is allegedly engaged in something ordinary and typical for some kind of enterprise. However, soon the character finds out the terrible secret of his employer. It turns out that he is the head of not just a company that deals with bureaucratic matters there, but also protects the world from the invasion of representatives of the parallel universe. Howard Silke discovers the portal into a parallel universe, which is carefully guarded by the faithful agents of his firm.


Great News (season 2)

24,355 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The series “Great News” will tell about Katie, who works as a producer and loves her work very much. She always wanted to do journalism and therefore this work brings her not only a solid salary, but also interest. Every day she learns something new and teaches her wards. Katie enjoys authority among her colleagues, and her tasks are carried out without question. But none of the employees of the television channel can imagine that when Katie is at home, she completely changes her behavior. The fault is her mother, whom she is very afraid of. (more…)


The Girlfriend Experience (season 2)

3,775 views Comments (0)

The Girlfriend Experience

14 episodes

The main character of the series “The Girlfriend Experience” decides to start a double life. She is a young student named Christine, who is studying for a lawyer and dreams of a great career in the future. However, the main character believes that she already now needs to earn money. But it is not possible to get a job in a solid company. The girl goes to extremes, getting a job in one of the local escorts. Christine did not even think how difficult her job might be. Every new day is a serious test that forces a girl to lead a double life, hiding her profession from close ones, and at work trying to do everything the client asks. (more…)


Outlander (season 3)

11,951 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The series “Outlander” tell the story about Claire Randall, the military nurse from the 40th years of the 20th century who during walk at legendary Scottish stone circles moved mysteriously in the 1743rd year. Getting to the 18th century, Claire appears in the unknown world where her life is in dander. The girl has to find an opportunity to survive and return back to the future where there was her husband Frank Randall. To escape in unknown and unfamiliar world, she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, the Scottish soldier with difficult destiny and the disarming sense of humor.


Survivor’s Remorse (season 4)

824 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The focus of the series “Survivor’s Remorse” is a dramatic story about the fate of a young and very talented guy who could not even imagine that fate will give him an incredible chance to become a real star of the National Basketball Association. The main character Cam Calloway is a fictional character. The plot in the project is written according to the stories of one of the most popular basketball players of our time – LeBron James. This talented player draws a lot of parallels with his life, talking about a complex childhood, a youth devoid of any means for survival. Unexpectedly at the age of eighteen, the main character receives an invitation to a professional team. Today, LeBron James is considered one of the best players of our time.


Power (season 4)

4,886 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Welcome to viewing of the next season of the most interesting series of a criminal genre “Power”. The situation in the USA connected with drug traffic comes under the spotlight of a plot. The main characters of this project are people who once tried to become known and beloved, but now found themselves on the margins of society, unwanted and uncalled. The story turns around “Ghost” which in a consequence after a number of failures becomes the largest drug dealer in America. A serious hunting begins in which both FBI agents and representatives of other criminal associations participate. (more…)


The White Princess (season 1)

8,672 views Comments (14)


8 episodes

England, long time staying in civil war, has finally entered the era of peace. It has been reached thanks to marriage of the princess Elizabeth of York, king’s heiress of the house of York, and the king Henry VII, the heir of the house Lancaster. But the country and family life of Elizabeth are waited by new shocks: her spouse is greedy and suspicious, and in the north, one person calling himself the queen’s brother suddenly appears. Music, suits, landscapes, work of the director — all here is at the good level. It is pleasure to watch the series “The White Princess”. (more…)


Black Sails (season 4)

8,221 views Comments (7)


10 episodes

Captain Flint and his pirates, twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Treasure Island”.


The Missing (season 2)

719 views Comments (3)


8 episodes

“The Missing” follows Tony, played by James Nesbitt, as a man devastated by the abduction of his young son, Oliver, during a family vacation in France. He becomes a man obsessed, unable to accept that his child may be dead and spends years searching for him. Tony’s exhaustive search fractures his marriage to Emily, played by Frances O’ Connor and threatens to destroy his life. Tcheky Karyo plays Julien, the French police detective who launched the initial search for the child. Even though he is retired in present day, he too cannot shake the small belief that the child may still be alive. Told using a fascinating narrative puzzle, “The Missing” explores the impact of a child’s abduction, the emotional cost of obsession, hope and finding when to let go. This gripping thriller is told simultaneously over multiple time frames and set in France and London.


Ash vs Evil Dead (season 2)

2,958 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Random read pages from an old book, turned out to be a kind of spell from the book of the dead, and now all the dead come to life in the city. The main hero is forced to take a chainsaw and start to clean up the city. The outcome of his victory depends not only his life but the lives of all people of the earth, because evil does not choose, and destroy all life on earth..