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Damnation (season 1)

24,895 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The actions of the series “Damnation” take place in the 30s of the 20th century. The protagonist posing as a preacher from the backwoods in Iowa, is preparing to rebel against the industrial tycoon with whom he is connected by a dark, bloody past. However, Davenport does not know that his enemy hired a professional strikebreaker, Creeley Turner, to any price to disrupt the strike of the workers.


Godless (season 1)

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7 episodes

This is a western, which takes place in the miners’ town of New Mexico in the 1800s. The hero of the series “Godless” Frank Griffin, is one of the coolest robbers of the Wild West. He kills and loots people, that’s his life. Traveling around the country, the hero is content with his ill-fated glory, which marches ahead of himself. It is worthwhile for one of the residents to see the approaching robber, the city embraces panic. People lock themselves in their homes and pray to all the gods, in the hope that Frank will pass the city, because everyone knew – he is capable not only of robbery.


Longmire (season 6)

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10 episodes

Before you, the protagonist of the series “Longmire” – Walt Longmire – a man who took responsibility for security in a small provincial town. His area of responsibility is the so-called “staff of equality”, which has always been famous for its methods of working with the people in terms of ensuring the operation of laws and regulations. This person is engaged in investigations and tries to disclose the cases as soon as possible in order to provide local people with a quiet life. Longmire appears before the audience as a calm, balanced person who always knows what he is doing. It may seem that the main character looks indifferent, but this is far from the case. In addition, his young girl named Vic inspires and motivates his work, who became Walter’s first deputy. The main character has already shown herself at work in the police department in Philadelphia, and now she has to monitor security in one of the most law-abiding states of America. (more…)


The Dark Tower (2017)

1,585 views Comments (0)

The Dark Tower

The main character of the movie “The Dark Tower (2017)” is a boy named Jake Chambers from New York. For a year he has been tortured by nightmares with the participation of the mysterious Man in Black who intends to plunge the world into darkness, destroying what protects our world and many others from chaos – the Dark Tower. In the last of dreams, Jake sees the Arrow facing the Man in the Black. The boy feels the impending threat and sees his dreams as a warning, while his loved ones are of the opinion that Jake is gradually losing his mind and believe that the visions are a consequence of the boy’s experience of his father’s death. However, being convinced of the reality of his visions, Jake finds a way to get into the world from his dreams, where he finally meets with Shooter and joins him in order to find the Man in Black and save the Tower from destruction.


Justice (2017)

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In a small provincial town there is a serious crime. In the center of the plot of the western “Justice” is the US Marshal, who came to a small town to bury his brother, and on arrival he learned that he was killed by people of a corrupt mayor. Now he faces a very responsible choice, as it is necessary to decide whether to remain alive or to start a dangerous fight for justice. (more…)


Dead Again in Tombstone (2017)

4,187 views Comments (0)


Guerrero returns from the dead once more to protect a stolen relic from getting into the hands of a gang of soldiers, which will ultimately cause hell upon earth.


Wynonna Earp (season 2)

9,304 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

The main character of this TV series – fearless and brave Wynonna Earp, – the great-granddaughter of the famous and glorified sheriff of the city of Tumstoun. From the great-grandfather Wynonna Earp has inherited all positive traits of character: courage, firmness, fearlessness, ability to reflect sensibly during danger and to fight against the evil and injustice. Proud and courageous Wynonna is the fan of hard drinks, such as whisky, she gives preference to dangerous pastime, being fond of hunting. Gaining strength behind a glass of strong whisky, the girl stands against the most dangerous and terrible villains who break an order and quiet life of residents. In the mystical thriller “Wynonna Earp” her enemies are reductions, demons and devils who need to be sent to hell and to return to the city tranquility and safety. Having skills of hunting, the young girl kills mystical beings who are differ in unique abilities and capable to inspire fear even in the most fearless people. With support of devoted friends, the brave defender is capable to save the city from demonic forces and ghosts. (more…)


The Legend of Ben Hall (2016)

1,094 views Comments (0)


After two years on the road, bushranger Ben Hall considers surrendering to the law when his old friend John Gilbert entices him back into the game. Taking on a fresh recruit John Dunn, the gang ride again, before long becoming the most wanted men in the British Empire. When they are declared outlaw, the three decide to flee the colony forever. As Ben Hall seeks to make peace with his tortured past, the their trusted friend becomes a police informant. They set a cunning trap for the outlaws, and on the cold morning of May 5th 1865, Ben Hall emerges alone from his camp… and walks into legend forever.


Westworld (season 1)

14,231 views Comments (30)


10 episodes

The story will take us in the very near future. All technologies have evolved to unattainable heights for the past years. Now the main entertainment is so-called amusement parks, separated by categories. In a futuristic amusement park there are androids. They are on a background for historical scenery and become slaves of people performing routine tasks, while at one time fault in the program does not make them dangerous assassins..


Outlaws and Angels (2016)

984 views Comments (0)


After the bloody and successful robbery of the bank of Cuchillo in New Mexico, Henry’s gang fled the scene and cautiously headed to the borders for a safe split of the loots. On their trail is Josiah, a competent bounty hunter, who with the aid of a few men, is trying to arrest them and collect the bounty. The night falls, and a seemingly isolated farmhouse looks like the best hideout for the gang to spend the night and carry on fresh in the morning. Unfortunately, there lives the family of pastor George Tildon, a religious man who lives by the word of God. The night seems to be very long and the tension keeps building, but it will be the morning sun that will shed light on hidden secrets and the darkness within them all.